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                                                The Monkey and the Crocodile
                                                                                                      (Fairy tale)


          Once there lived a nice little monkey in the forest. The Monkey was brown and smart.

          She had a lot of friends.

         One day the Monkey wanted to eat some bananas. She went for a walk to find them.

         The Monkey met a big green crocodile. The crocodile was hungry.   He wanted to eat the Monkey.

         “Oh, no! Don’t eat me!” said the Monkey and climbed the tree.

          She   saw some yellow bananas on the tree and was so happy.

          But the crocodile was under the tree and he was very hungry.

          Suddenly the Crocodile and the Monkey saw many hunters.          

          The Crocodile jumped into the water. The Monkey ate three bananas    and ran home. 


Tim Kochin           Form 4

         I аm Happy

I am happy because I live in this wonderful world. What makes me happy?
 My family and my friends do. My mother always helps me do everything.
She loves me greatly. My friends make my life very exciting and funny.
We go for a walk together, visit theatres and museums, go to the cinema,
discuss different problems and sometimes help each other do our homework.

           Leonova Zlata                                 Form 11
I Like English


There are several reasons why I like English.

First I am interested in British culture and history. The fact is that the history of the English language is closely connected with them. Many nations contributed to the English language: the Romans and the French gave it vocabulary, the Dutch influenced its grammar, and the Celts gave it some mystic spirit. That is why English is never dull.

The second reason is that learning English is like solving a puzzle. When you can’t translate  the sentence even if you know every word, it takes some time to think it over . At last   when you get the meaning  you feel really pleased.

The third reason is my dream of going to Britain. I have been dreaming about it since I was twelve. I do not want to be a stranger there. I want to understand people and   I want them to understand me.

And the last reason is that English is an international language. Nearly everybody speaks it. Knowing English can help you make friends all over the world, get a good job, listen to the English songs and watch films in the original.  It also helps you to read English books without using a dictionary. I believe  you’ll have a better chance to catch the author`s ideas.


          Soloviov  Andrew

          Form 9




I Love My Motherland



I love my motherland very much.



It is very important for me.



I don’t know why I love my country.



When I am abroad I miss my home and want to come back as soon as possible.



I am proud of my motherland and I am ready to protect it from enemies.






Soloviov  Andrew



Form  9







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