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Главная » 2014 » Февраль » 24 » ONE DAY OF MY LIFE
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One day I was in the country. It was sunny and warm. I went to the field to ride a bike. Then some big boys came and let me play football together with them. It was fun!

One day my mother, my brother and I walked in the park. Suddenly a nice big fountain began to work. It was great! In the afternoon we went shopping and my mother bought me "Lego”. I was very happy!

I remember the day when I met my best friend.

It was the happiest day in my life. I got an excellent mark at the English lesson. It was great!

It was an unusual day in my life. I was lucky to fly by plane for the first time in my life. It was exciting to see the forests, towns and cities, fields and rivers, great sea with a lot of ships .The clouds were very beautiful.

The best day in my life is my birthday. My parents, my relatives and my friends give me a lot of presents. I am very happy!

It was a sunny summer day in the country. I was walking through the forest with my mother, grandmother and grandfather. We were picking up berries and looking for mushrooms.
Soon our baskets were full of nice brown and orange- cap mushrooms. They were so beautiful. Then we came home and began to clean and wash them in the kitchen. We found there a lot of bugs, spiders and caterpillars. What a wonderful walk it was!

It was a wonderful day. My parents bought me a tortoise. It is not big. It is black and very funny. It can walk slowly and likes to eat fish. I am very happy.

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