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Среда, 12.12.2018, 01:21
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Главная » 2013 » Декабрь » 1 » HELLO DECEMBER!

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19 EgMi  
I like winter because I have my birthday in December and my favourite holidays are New Year and Christmas. Nature in the country is really magnificent in winter. Many children and grown- ups enjoy skating and skiing, making snowmen and playing snowballs.

18 Sasha  
I like winter because I like to celebrate New Year very much. I usually get a lot of nice presents. All my family are at home. We have a great party all night long. At night we also go for a walk to watch the decorations and illuminations in the streets and squares. In winter I always go in for sports and visit other countries to do sports there with my friends and our coach.

17 Daria  
Winter is a wonderful season of the year. It is a jolly time for children.
They like to play snowballs and make snowmen.
As for me, I don't like winter and snow because it is cold, windy and slippery.

16 Malta  
As for winter, I can't stand it because it is terribly cold and it is always dark.

15 vadim  
I like winter because the snow is so white and clean in the country.
My favourite holidays New Year and Christmas are in winter.

14 милочка  
Winter isn't my favourite season.I don't like snow,frost,darkness in the morning and in the evening and slippery streets.Winter colours-black,white and grey- make me feel sad. I am looking forward to my favourite

13 DaKur  
The hustle and bustle of shoppers in stores.
The opening and closing of every door.
People scrambling for that special gift.
Maybe a toy or a make believe snowdrift.

Now that Christmas Eve is here.
Every child is waiting.
For Santa to appear.

12 Goral  
I like winter because I like snow very much. We can play snowballs, make snow caves and sledge. But I don't like the weather when it is slippery in the morning.

11 Nikita  
I like winter. When the weather is not cold, it is wonderful outside.
Winter time is Christmas and presents,
Winter time is skis and snowboard,
Winter time is long holiday,
Winter time is happiness.

10 Vladimir  
I like winter very much because my Birthday is on the 10th of December. I usually get a lot of presents.

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